Watch: Carson Wentz Avoids a Sack, Tosses a TD to Mack Hollins

A nice drive from Carson Wentz and the Eagles ended with the Eagles QB showing his elusiveness, dodging a sack and connecting with rookie Mack Hollins for the early touchdown.

Credit to Wentz for avoiding the pressure and credit to Hollis for the yards after the catch.

Tsk, tsk, the Green Back Packers for their awful tackling.

Wentz remained in the game for the two point conversion attempt in which he threw a catchable-but-not-great ball to Nelson Agholor who didn't convert.

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Wentz finished 4/4 for 56 yards and the one touchdown.

Hit the showers, Wentz! That'd be it for him on the night. Matt McGloin is now your Eagles quarterback.

The Eagles led the Packers 6-0 when Wentz departed.

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