Watch: All-22 of Carson Wentz Running Successful 2-minute Drill

Let's be honest. The casual NFL fan has not seen Carson Wentz play a lot of football. Maybe they caught a game of his last season, but even that is a stretch.

So many of the opinions on the Eagles' selection of Wentz to be the future or the Birds at quarterback have come from reading up on what the experts have had to say about him, which is mostly positive.

Today, the Eagles put together a nice All-22 video of Wentz running a successful two-minute drill last season against Northern Iowa. Now, it's not great that Greg Cosell points out that, "this game was a little bit of a struggle for him."

But, when it came down to crunch time, Wentz stood tall and delivered.

Some other interesting Wentz videos from today include this hilarious video from his alma mater. Nothing like a little Rocky training montage.

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And how about just a nice 40-second highlight reel.

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