WATCH: Jason Kelce Arm Wrestles Man at Delco Bar

A viral video shows Eagles center Jason Kelce arm wrestling a man at a bar in Delaware County

Sports fans often like to muse about how they could've taken on pro athletes during their prime. Over the weekend, one Delco man got something similar: a chance to arm wrestle Eagles center Jason Kelce during a Sunday afternoon at the bar.

I'll be honest: I expected this to go way worse for the challenger, a man named Dave who lives in the Havertown area and was at the Brick & Brew on Darby Road at the same time as Kelce, according to his sister-in-law, who posted the video Sunday afternoon.

Dave takes the contest as seriously as you can while sitting across from an Eagles legend wearing a Delco shirt and a knit beanie, and he actually put up a solid fight... until Kelce took things into overdrive:

The list of pro football players you can beat in an arm-wrestling contest is very short. You're talking some - not all - of the league's kickers, maybe a few third-string quarterbacks... and that might be it.

A random dude certainly isn't going to defeat one of the best Eagles of the 2010s, but Dave tried his best, and I appreciate the effort. Look how angry he is at the end of the video, begrudingly admitting defeat. Look at that scowl. He thought he had a shot!

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Maybe next time he'll run into Jake Elliott (sorry, Jake) and Dave will have a chance.

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