Tina Fey Rules and Jimmy Fallon Is an Awful Eagles Fan

Tina Fey is a national treasure. Jimmy Fallon is not.

Those two appeared on Saturday Night Live in a Weekend Update segment this week. They were portraying a couple of suburban Philadelphia women who were undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming election.

Fey, with her Upper Darby roots, absolutely killed it while rocking a Villanova vest. Fallon, with his bad wig and an Eagles sweatshirt on, was pretty awful when it came to looking or sounding anything like a Cllifton Heights woman wearing an Eagles shirt.

It was so bad the Associated Press picked up on it when Mayor Jim Kenney called Fallon out.

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Kenney tweeted: "Eyetalian hoagies are best for Iggle's game!" referring to the city's NFL team.

Fallon broke into laughter during the skit when he stumbled over the Philadelphia pronunciation of several words, finally saying, "I apologize. I've been on vacation so my accent ..."

Fallon later tweeted, "I'm off to Philly to work on my accent."

Tip to Jimmy: you should probably get here before it snows.

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