This Dog Is Smarter Than These 12 Chicago Sports Writers

The Eagles were close to a beat down of the Bears last night at Soldier Field in Chicago. It didn't quite get out of hand thanks to some special teams magic from the Bears, but it was a posibility for a short while.

Still, the Eagles looked like a much better football team than the Bears for most of the second half.

The Bears' modus operandi coming int was that they were a pretty mediocre football team with some talent, but also plenty of question marks.

So how did the local sports writers in Chicago think the Bears were going to fare against the Eagles going into Monday Night Football?

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Here's a photo of what the Chicago Tribune's picks looked like.

And if you click over to this link at the Chicago Sun-Times, all five of the sports writers asked picked the Bears to come out victorious. 

That's 12 Chicago sports writers in total and 12 picks for the Bears.

Meanwhile, CSNPhilly television analyst Ron Burke's dog got it right.

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