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The Biggest Difference Between the Phillies and Eagles Parades


Because you can't safely throw a baseball across Broad Street.

Footballs were the lowkey MVP of the Eagles' Super Bowl parade.

Philadelphia Eagles

Complete coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles and their NFL rivals from NBC Sports Philadelphia.

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If you're like me, you spent somewhere around four to five hours standing on Broad Street on Thursday morning. Waiting isn't always the most entertaining activity but my fellow Philadelphians made this more fun than I could have imagined.

There were a couple of factors that made waiting so damn fun. The first and most obvious is the dueling Eagles chants. The west side of Broad battling back and forth with the east side of the street, trying to out-cheer one another was a blast. The fact that the Birds have an easy-to-sing fight song made for another wonderful moment every few minutes.

Oh, and cold ones helped warm the whole body.

I was setup near Broad and Lombard streets where a nerf football proved to be the MVP of the day. There was the thrill of the ball coming anywhere near you like at a baseball game, but also the cheers and jeers of a good or bad toss. If a fan's throw didn't make it across Broad, there were boos. And applause if the ball made it into the crowd on the other side.

But what really set the crowd ablaze was the folks with the cannons who were able to launch the nerf ball from one side of Broad all the way on top of the buildings on the other. The whole street would erupt. It was awesome.

I was on the other side of the street in the below video as an example:

Then the people on the roof would toss it back and the whole process would start over.

This was happening all along the parade route. Videos of the Philly Police Department getting involved have popped up on social media. 

We'll always have Jason Kelce's legendary speech. But we'll also have the "Cops! On! Bikes!" chants, the beer trees, and footballs flying over buildings.

Won't forget any of that anytime soon.


If you want to relive the parade one more time, NBC Sports Philadelphia will re-air its coverage on Thursday, February 15 at 7:00 PM.

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