Sounds Like Carson Wentz and Eagles Wide Receivers Are Terrible at Golf

You know how a lot of professional athletes are good at golfing?

Don't count Carson Wentz and the Eagles' wide receivers in that group.

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Wentz on Wednesday was asked what outside the box things he and his teammates did to build chemistry during their time in Fargo, North Dakota, a trip led by the Eagles' quarterback to bond with his wideouts.

Wentz, who was speaking at a press conference to announce his Audience of One foundation, had a fun and honest answer:

It was golfing. We went golfing, there was eight of us, we played best ball, it took 4½ hours to play 10 holes - it was a disaster but we had fun doing it.

As long as Wentz and his wide receivers connect on touchdowns in 2017, they can be bad at golf all they want.

And like Wentz said, the group is having fun and his teammates are enjoying North Dakota.

"They love it," Wentz said Tuesday. "Check their Twitter. They love it."

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