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Seth Joyner Doesn't Hold Back on How He Feels About Jim Schwartz

Seth Joyner didn't hold back on how he felt about Jim Schwartz and his performance Sunday against the Steelers … but he said what we're all thinking, right?

Seth Joyner doesn't hold back on how he feels about Jim Schwartz originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Even with the Eagles offense finally finding some bright spots throughout the course of Sunday's game against the Steelers, the defense was unable to sustain any kind of pressure in their third loss just five games into the season.

Throughout the second half of the game, NFL analyst Seth Joyner set a clear tone for Eagles Postgame Live on his social media: 

If anything, this energy bubbled up and boiled over on NBC Sports Philadelphia when Joyner was prompted to comment on the team's defense. 

"This game, this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of Jim Schwartz and his play calling," Joyner said. "All game long. I mean, every single situation that you could look at." 

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The defensive line has yet to string out any form of consistency through the first five weeks  - and now that they're already finished over a quarter of the 2020 season, it's raising a substantial amount of concern for the games set to follow. 

Let's just say if Schwartz doesn't figure things out by next week, Joyner might just go full on Ricky Bo a la Phillies Postgame Live following a blown lead by the bullpen. 

But let's be honest ... he's saying what we are all thinking, right? 

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