Santa Has a Heart-to-heart Convo With a Snowball in Philadelphia Diner

Did you hear the one about Eagles fans throwing snowballs at Santa Claus?

No? Never watched ESPN or read an awful columnist from pretty much any city outside of Philadelphia?

Well, here's a refresher: Eagles fans threw snowballs at a random 19-year-old kid in a horrible Santa outfit in like 1968 or something. It was so long ago, it's tough to remember.

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This video does a nice job telling the back story:

Well, it's 2017 and the Eagles once again play on Christmas, with an 8:30 pm til against the Oakland Raiders. Santa appears ready to bury the hatchet -- if not with awful, mean, horrible Philly sports fans, at least with the snowball.

The Eagles shared a pretty cute little video of Santa sitting down with a talking snowball over a cup of coffee at the Melrose Diner and it's pretty fun.

It's amazing! Who knew snowballs could talk.

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