Roob Knows Podcast: It All Comes Down to Week 17

On this edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro react to the win over the Texans. Are we getting closer to a real QB controversy in Philadelphia?

Zach Ertz sets an NFL record. Also, the guys discuss how Week 17 will play out. Will Doug Pederson get help from Matt Nagy and the Bears?

1:00 - Why this isn't a QB controversy.
6:00 - Is there any possible scenario Nick Foles will be in Philadelphia next season?
9:00 - This will still be Carson Wentz's franchise.
16:00 - Zach ERtz sets an NFL record.
20:30 - Will the Eagles get help from the Bears in Minnesota?
25:00 - Why has Golden Tate been a bust since the trade?
29:30 - Eagles will need to address running backs this offseason.
32:30 - Will the Eagles be in the playoffs?

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