Roob Knows Podcast: A Trip Down Memory Lane

On the latest edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro share stories and memories from last year's Super Bowl in Minneapolis. The guys share their favorite moments from the days leading up to the game through the postgame interviews.

Roob and Dave answer questions from the audience and preview this year's Super Bowl. Should Philadelphia be rooting for the Patriots?

1:00 - Memories from last year's Super Bowl.
5:00 - Patriots were uptight during media week last year.
12:00 - Different vibe during media week.
15:00 - The game was a blur for Roob.
19:00 - Talking to Nick Foles after he won the Super Bowl.
25:00 - The guys answer questions from the audience.
43:00 - Previewing Rams-Patriots.

Philadelphia Eagles

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