Romo's Retirement: The Return of the Cowboys Broadcasting System

How should we as Eagles fans, approach this week's announcement of the retirement of Tony Romo from the NFL?
On the one hand, it's hard to gather much sympathy for a man who would do something as unforgivably disgusting as starting at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for more than 10 years.
On the other hand? Romo choked a whole bunch of times, especially against the Eagles. As long as he was playing, we knew the Cockroaches were no threat to win the Super Bowl. And even better, no athlete ever inspired smarter T-shirts for sale in the Linc parking lot, everything from "Romo Sucks, T.O. Swallows" to "Dallas Sucks, Romo Swallows." Genius.
But now that Romo's playing career is over, a more urgent matter is at hand: Romo has been hired as the lead analyst on CBS' Sunday game broadcasts. The man doing the same job over on FOX? Another former Cowboys quarterback, Troy Aikman. Because it's about time an ex-Cowboy caught a break in sports media.
Cowboys Media Bias is out of control, and I think the league is behind it. I bet they want Dak Prescott to hurry up and retire so he can join the Sunday Night Football Booth.
Where are all the ex-Eagles QBs? Jaws is rarely on ESPN anymore. Why won't any network hire A.J. Feeley, Jeff Garcia, or any Detmer? Sure, McNabb gets an occasional broadcasting gig, but that's just embarrassing for us.
The Cowboys Broadcasting System (CBS) is real, and announcer bias towards the Cowboys is a national crisis which, with Romo at CBS, can only get worse. And it's grossly unfair to the Eagles. The only way these days to see an Eagles quarterback on an NFL broadcast is to turn on an Eagles game.
Other Philly Sports Takes:
-If anyone's disappointed us more lately than the local teams, it's our ex-athletes. Allen Iverson doing a "practice" bit for the Braves? Charles Barkley, in a national TV commercial, referring to Phoenix (and not Philly) as "my city"? At least we still have a few hometown heroes to look up to, like Lenny Dykstra.
-Shame on the Sixers for raising next year's ticket prices. Why would they think, after all the crap this year, that there'd be more demand for the Sixers next year than now? We're a blue-collar town, with blue-collar lower-bowl season ticket holders.
-Sixers owner Josh Harris recently met with President Donald Trump. This is an outrage -- boycott Trump, until he apologizes and distances himself from Josh Harris.
-There's only one thing the Sixers can do to win my trust back: Draft the fat guy with a beard from Gonzaga. That guy could be this town's first two-way athlete (NBA, Wing Bowl) since Chuck Bednarik.
-Speaking of Philly Guys, my pick for who the Eagles should take at #14? Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey. I don't know what it is about him, but he seems like a Philly Guy to me. Blue collar. Lunchpail. Gritty. A grinder. Scrappy. He's better than a coach's son -- he's a wide receiver's son.
-Remember: Any good Eagles trade, signing or draft pick was Joe Douglas' idea, and any bad one was Howie Roseman's. You just know Howie only signed Chris Long because his dad's name is Howie.
-I am happy about the Eagles' signing of cornerback Patrick Robinson. Let's hope he can succeed where Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Patrick Chung, Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Byron Maxwell, Nolan Carroll, and Leodis McKelvin failed.
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