Rob's Rants: Eagles' Start; Seumalo's Struggles; Marshawn's Dancing

Here's the latest edition of Rob's Rants in which CSNPhilly's Rob Ellis does just that about the hottest topics in Philly sports.

If I told you before the season the Eagles would be 1-1 after starting with two road games - one against a division opponent, the other in one of the tougher venues in sports - an objective person would have been satisfied. That doesn't mean losing a very winnable in Kansas City wasn't a tough pill to swallow. But when you consider that the Birds neighbors in the NFC East have not exactly looked like world beaters, there is room for much optimism if they can clean some things up. Despite some costly turnovers and at times holding the ball too long, I'm convinced Carson Wentz will be a star. The Eagles defensive line has looked  fierce.  And certainly in part because of the line, the Birds defensive backs - despite major injuries - have held up pretty well. There are absolute positives with this club. 

But here are some of the things with the Eagles and beyond that have me in rant mode. 

Get your token's ready
Saying Isaac Seumalo has been bad is like saying Donald Trump is polarizing. He's been a turnstile. His play has been alarming through two games and Doug Pederson may need to make a decision fast to avoid getting Carson Wentz killed. But the Seumalo issue runs much deeper than the surface. He was a third round pick last year, 79th overall. The club's next selection after Wentz. Third-round picks need to be able to play. 

Now, you could very well chalk his struggles up to growing pains. By Week 10 we may see a completely different player. But perhaps even more disturbing was the Eagles' judgement that Seumalo was ready to start. Howie Roseman dealt veteran Allen Barbre early in camp to Denver for a 2019 seventh-round pick. The Eagles did save minimal cap space as well. And while Barbre won't be confused with Zack Martin any time soon, he was a competent player. Surely an upgrade from what we've seen from Seumalo thus far. The objective is to keep your franchise quarterback upright and available. So far, not so good. 

Escape plan
Since signing that monstrous contract prior to last season, Vinny Curry has made no big  plays. That streak continued Sunday versus the Chiefs. Go back to the fourth quarter, game tied at 13, K.C. driving  with a 3rd-and-4 on the Eagles 25-yard line. Curry had Alex Smith all but wrapped up for the sack which at the very least would have forced Kansas City into a very long field goal attempt. Smith escaped the 6-3, 279-pound defensive end and two plays later the Chiefs scored to take a 20-13 lead on a shovel pass to Travis Kelce. That play along, with the Eagles two turnovers, were game-changing plays. Once again, Curry came up small.    

Catch the Damn Ball Part II     
Last week this rant was directed at Alshon Jeffery. This week it applies to the Eagles other big money offseason wide receiver signing. There were  two plays Sunday that again weren't easy but need to be caught by a good receiver.  The pass catcher in question is Torrey Smith. The first drop could and should have been a touchdown on the Eagles opening drive. Later in the game, Wentz made a nice back shoulder throw that was covered well but the ball was where it needed to be and Smith could not bring it down. These plays are the difference between three points and seven points or keeping a drive alive or winning and losing. 

Cue Lee Ann Womack
I don't think "I Hope You Dance" was what Marshawn Lynch was Beast Mode-ing  to on the sideline during the Raiders 45-20 smack down of the woeful Jets. In fact it was "I'm Really From Oakland Tho" by Vell and DJ Mustard. Love it when those two crazy kids collaborate. New York in fact was not loving Lynch's sideline  moves. Some Jets players were upset that  the Oakland native was dancing with time still left on the clock. There's a simple solution to that issue: Stop him. If the score was flipped Lynch would not have been shaking his groove-thing. It's OK for a player to have fun and celebrate. It's all about time and place. And by the way, the Jets should get accustom to opposing players celebrating. In fact when your front office's objective is to tank the season, it could look like a conga line on the other team's sideline all season.

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