Report: Bears' Joe Douglas a Candidate for Eagles' Opening

Way back when Doug Pederson was hired and the Eagles shuffled their front office, the team began a search for a new personnel head. 

But shortly after, they halted the search and said it would resume after the draft. And now it has. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Bears college scouting director Joe Douglas is "believed to be a very strong candidate" for the Eagles' job. The Eagles asked for and were granted permission to interview Douglas for the opening. He's the first known new candidate for the job after the draft. 

Here's what vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said about resuming the search for a personnel head shortly after the draft ended on Saturday night: "Yeah, I think in terms of search, in terms of research, we have that research, and there's a bunch of guys that we met with that we're excited about. Now in terms of timing, I think the first thing we need to do is get a second just to take a step back. I mean, we just need a minute here. This has been a quick run. We'll regroup early next week and go forward on everything that we have to do here."

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That minute didn't last very long. 

Back when the Eagles first announced the search in January, it was unclear what the power structure would look like. But in the months that followed, it's become obvious that Roseman will be the top executive in the personnel department and this new hire will report to him.  

Douglas was hired by the Bears last May after spending 15 years with the Ravens. According to the Tribune, the Eagles considered Douglas for their head of college scouting director position last year. 

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