Rapper Heartbroken He Can't Film Music Video on ‘Rocky Steps' Because of NFL Draft

The 2017 NFL Draft is just around the corner and preperations have already begun around the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You'll start to notice road closures in the area this week and be able to see the construction of the massive draft stage get under way.

This may be a mild annoyance to local Philly residents but it's an outright tragedy for a rapper who traveled all the way from California to film his rap music video on the famous "Rocky steps."

NBC 10 caught up with rapper The Hyphenate who says he was "heartbroken" that he couldn't film his video where Rocky jumped up and down.

For more on the road closures, NFL Draft Experience, and museum specials, check out our previous post here.

**if the video embed isn't working for you, try watching here**

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