PST Debate: Gonzo, Gunn Talk Legitimacy of Eagles' Personnel Head

With Wednesday's report that Bears college scouting director Joe Douglas is a candidate to be the Eagles' new personnel head (see story), the debate is on as to what that actually means.

For context, the Chicago Tribune reported the Eagles received permission to interview Douglas while they resume their search for a new personnel head. Vice president of football operations Howie Roseman is currently in charge of those decisions and whether or not a new personnel head would have much power in the organization is a real question in Philly.

On Comcast SportsNet's Wednesday edition of Philly Sports Talk, our own Derrick Gunn and John Gonzalez debated that very subject and whether Douglas or anyone entering the position would be a "patsy" for Roseman.

"Howie Roseman grabbed power back. He was dead and buried and he came up like the Walking Dead," Gonzalez said. "His hand came through the soil and he's back alive. Howie Roseman is the guy in charge until Howie Roseman is out."

"What is the one word you can use to describe Howie Roseman when it comes to picking talent? What is the one word you can use? Inconsistent," Gunn responded. "You've taken a beating in the media. You've taken a beating by the fans. So you want to go out there and get a guy who can help you make the right decisions, right?"

Check out the rest of the debate in the video above.

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