Nobody Knows Where Villanova Is Located

2018 is winding down and coming to a close and with it comes the annual year end lists.

It was a big year for the city of Philadelphia. The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Gritty came into this world like a wrecking ball. GQ named us the city of the year.

Oh, and the Villanova Wildcats won the NCAA National Championship.

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Where is Villanova anyway? Is it in Philadelphia?

Apparently a ton of people have no idea.

Google shared their search trends in the United States for 2018 and the No. 1 search for "where is ________?" You guessed it: Villanova University.

There were a couple of other Philly-related searches that came up a lot. Nick Foles was the 7th-most searched for athlete behind Tristan Thompson, Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Le'Veon Bell, Kawhi Leonard, and Dez Bryant.

In terms of sports team searches, the Eagles were searched for the third most behind the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Red Sox.

Surely, Gritty would have popped up on these lists somewhere, right? We couldn't find him in any of the lists but he did have at least one day of widespread fame back in September:

You can see what other sorts of things people were searching for in 2018 on Google right here.

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