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NFL Reviewing Jadeveon Clowney Hit on Carson Wentz for Possible Fine, Report Says

The hit that knocked Carson Wentz out of his first playoff game with the Eagles won't cost Jadeveon Clowney a spot in the Seahawks' lineup this weekend, but it could cost him some dough - maybe.

The NFL is reviewing Clowney's hit for a possible fine, according to a report from NFL Network, but the league will not suspend the Seattle defensive lineman.

Considering the hit didn't warrant a flag during the game, it seemed unlikely a suspension was coming for Clowney. If he isn't at least fined for the hit, Eagles fans might have a few words for Roger Goodell and the league's player safety office.

Conversation around the hit swelled to a fever pitch Sunday night and into Monday morning, with a number of former NFL players weighing in on what the injury meant about Wentz's toughness, and also what defines a malicious hit in the NFL in 2020. 

Jason Peters said he told Clowney he felt the hit was dirty. Zach Ertz called it a late hit. Doug Pederson said he didn't have a chance to see the hit in the moment.

Clowney, for his part, said he wasn't trying to hurt Wentz, and was simply "playing fast", and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Monday that he didn't understand why the hit engendered so much conversation.

If Clowney is indeed docked, it would mark the second time he received a fine for a hit on an Eagles quarterback. In November 2018, Clowney was fined $40,110 for a late hit on Nick Foles, while Clowney was with the Texans. It was Clowney's second fine for a hit on a quarterback that season, just one week after he was fined for a hit on Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

According to the NFL's website, an "impermissible use of the helmet" offense results in a first-time fine of at least $28,075, and a second-time fine of $56,156.

Of course, $28,075 amounts to 0.35% of Clowney's base pay in 2019, a small price to pay for advancing to the divisional round.

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