Michael Bennett's Court Date Postponed After Info Exchange

Michael Bennett was scheduled to have a court date in Houston for that felony injury to the elderly charge related to an incident following the Super Bowl in January of 2017, but it has been pushed back again. 

According to court records, the new arraignment date is Sept. 18. 

Bennett's attorney Rusty Hardin confirmed the date has indeed been moved. 

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"Today was a setting without him for us and the prosecutors to exchange information as we continue to seek everything they can find, in hopes that we can ultimately convince them that Michael is not guilty," Hardin said to NBC Sports Philadelphia in a text message. 

Bennett, 32, was at practice with the Eagles earlier today. 

The new arraignment date is scheduled for the Tuesday before the Eagles' home game against the Carolina Panthers. 

Bennett, whom the Eagles acquired in an offseason trade, has been charged for injury to the elderly for allegedly pushing an injuring an elderly paraplegic woman who was working at the Super Bowl in Houston after the 2016 season. Bennett was at the game to watch his brother Martellus, who then played for the Patriots, and the alleged incident happened after the game as Michael tried to get on the field. 

The original arraignment date was April 23, then pushed to May 18, then June 25, then today. Now, this is lingering into the 2018 NFL season. 

Bennett's attorney, Hardin, had adamantly denied his client's involvement, telling NBC Sports Philadelphia in March, "He just didn't do it." 

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