Jim Schwartz Talks Game Plan Vs. Russell Wilson

The Eagles don't face too many quarterbacks like Russell Wilson because there aren't too many quarterbacks like Russell Wilson.
Wilson, who the Eagles face Sunday night for the third time in four years, is the only quarterback in NFL history with a passer rating over 90 and a rushing average over 5.5.
When you talk about dual-threat quarterbacks, he's the ultimate.
If he doesn't beat you throwing the ball, there's a good chance he's going to beat you running the ball. Or on the run.
"We faced a similar quarterback this year in Cam Newton, but Russell Wilson is unique in his own ways," Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said. "He can run the designed quarterback runs, the zone reads, the keepers and things like that. And then he can also just create something off schedule. 
"I've compared him in the past to Fran Tarkenton, and the only thing I really know about Fran Tarkenton was watching NFL Films stuff. But he can threaten inside the pocket. He can threaten outside the pocket. 
"But probably the thing he's most dangerous in is threatening by running backwards because it's easy to keep contain. Well, it's not easy, but you can keep contain and you can prevent step-ups, but it's hard to get somebody directly behind the quarterback. And that's where he can just turn and run and escape, and then once he does, he can create some problems for your defense."
Wilson is the only quarterback in NFL history to begin his career with a passer rating over 90 in each of his first six seasons.
His 98.9 passer rating is second highest in NFL history, behind only Aaron Rodgers' 104.1.
And his 5.6 career rushing average is fifth highest in NFL history, behind only former Eagles Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham, plus Hall of Famers Steve Young and Marion Motley.
No wonder Wilson has a 63-27-1 career record. His 63 wins are most in NFL history by any quarterback in his first six seasons. 
The Eagles, 10-1 with a nine-game winning streak, face the 7-4 Seahawks at 8:30 p.m. EST at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.
It's an intriguing nationally televised matchup between the Seahawks' No. 8 offense and the Eagles' No. 6 defense.

The Seahawks are 37-8 at home under Wilson but have lost two in a row, to the Redskins and Falcons. The Eagles have won four straight by 23 or more points, but the Seahawks haven't lost a home game by more than seven points since 2011. When Tarvaris Jackson was their QB.
Wilson was 18 for 31 for 272 yards and a touchdown in the Seahawks' 26-15 win over the Eagles last year. 
Wilson also threw for 263 yards with two TDs and a 26-yard touchdown run in the Seahawks' 24-14 win over the Eagles at the Linc in 2014. 
His 98.6 passer rating is 12th-highest ever against the Eagles.
Schwartz emphasized that with Wilson, it's not always how many rushing yards he gains but how much he keeps defenses off balance by moving behind the line of scrimmage and making plays on the move.
"He threatens the whole field," he said. "He'll boot one way, throw back the other [way]. You have to stay alive on everything. 
"Our D-linemen are going to have to do a great job staying on their feet and staying alive. You can never go to sleep because if he's scrambling one way, there's a good chance he's coming back to you. 
"We have to stay alive in coverage as well as our rush, and he threatens the whole width of the field as well as the whole depth of the field."

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