Jevon Kearse, Brodrick Bunkley, His Mom, Andy Reid, and a $50K Steak Dinner

Yes, it's a slow news day. So here's an absolutely out-of-left field story you probably didn't expect to read today.

It involves a former Philadelphia Eagles rookie and his mother complaining to Andy Reid about veterans on the team making him handle a $50,000 dinner tab at a local steakhouse.

The tall tale comes courtesy of former Eagle Jevon Kearse who says he personally only had to drop about $12,000 on his rookie dinner when he played for the Tennessee Titans.

Defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley, however, had to drop something in the $50K range when he was a rookie in 2006 with the Eagles, according to Kearse.

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"[Bunkley's] mom chimed in and called the head coach and said, 'listen here, that's not right,'" Kearse told TMZ Sports.

Bunkley probably never saw a dime of it again though.

"All that money was digested."

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