Good Luck Trying to Pick Apart This Eagles Team

Eleven penalties, three fumbles lost versus the Bears. There it is. If you were searching for some kind of blemish, some minutia, some needle in the haystack of dominance that has been the Eagles' last nine games, you got it. Good luck digging any deeper for any warts. 

And by the way, if you are in any way focused on that after what's gone down this season, you have serious issues. You should turn in your fan card and take up a hobby on Sundays.

The 2017 Eagles define balance. Doesn't matter if it's home or away, division or conference foe, AFC or NFC. You know week in and week out the offense and the defense will show up and they will show up in a big way. They have won their last five games by 30-plus points. They allowed one defensive touchdown in November. Carson Wentz has thrown at least three touchdown passes in five straight. The defense has had multiple interceptions in four consecutive games.

The Bears had six rushing yards Sunday. Their running backs ran 10 times for minus-six yards. This is a team that entered the game ranked fifth in the NFL in rushing. They had zero first downs in the first half. Conversely, the Eagles have rushed for 100-plus yards in their last 10 games. Whether it's through the air or on the ground, defending the run or shutting down the pass, its advantage-Eagles any way you slice it.

Want to take a trip into the red zone? Wentz is 31 for 48 for 242 yards with 20 touchdowns, zero interceptions and zero sacks taken.

With the exception of Tom Brady's 251 yards passing, Wentz's red-zone numbers are as good or better than anyone's in the NFL. 

The Eagles' defense is third in red-zone scoring. The Birds rank third in takeaways with 22. They are 22nd in giveaways. They are a plus-nine on the season, which is second-best in the league.

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Which brings up the coaching - this team is better prepared than the opponent every week. They don't just beat teams, they throttle them. We've been waiting for the letdown game all season. Hasn't happened. The only knock, if you can call it that, is they've beaten one team with a winning record thus far. And we will certainly find out a lot more the next two weeks with the Eagles traveling to face the 7-4 Seahawks and 8-3 Rams. 

But teams with this kind of balance can beat you in a multitude of ways. And they can overcome adversity when something is taken away or goes awry. Doug Pederson has done a phenomenal job thus far. He may lose as many as two assistants off of his staff at year's end and that's a good thing. No one is mining the fields of the Browns' or Bears' staffs. 

The other thing about Pederson is he gets it. Much has been made of the Eagles' celebrations but Pederson has allowed the players to be themselves and have fun. Far removed from the Chip Kelly drill sergeant routine.     

The quarterback is having an MVP year and a season for the ages and he's only getting better. Alshon Jeffery, after a bit of a slow start, is coming on strong, with five touchdowns in his last four games. Ronald Darby hasn't skipped a beat since rejoining the team. Brandon Graham is having a career year. Good luck finding a more dominant duo than Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan, or Lane Johnson and Brandon Brooks for that matter.

Coaching, talent, depth and focus - all hallmarks of sustainable winning, all attributes the Eagles continue to deliver each week. Oh, and did I mention balance?

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