Forget Backups, Nick Foles Better Than Half of NFL Starters

Nick Foles has been thrust into duty as the starting QB of the Eagles. But it wasn't that long ago that this region fell in love with the Arizona product under similar circumstances. In 2013, Foles stepped in for an injured Michael Vick and set the NFL ablaze, going 8-2 as a starter, tying an NFL record with seven TDs in a game, and setting a new league mark for passer rating by a second-year QB (119.2).

When the Eagles signed Foles back in March, it was billed as a solid insurance policy in case Carson Wentz was injured. Now that they need to cash in that insurance policy, let's take a look at where Foles stands among current starting NFL quarterbacks.

I put the 31 other starters into four groups: definitely better than Foles, a bit better than Foles, as good as/maybe better than Foles, and no stinking way they're better than Foles. I am making this determination largely based on how they are playing right now, not necessarily what they've done prior to today.

Definitely Better Than Nick Foles - the "Duh" section (7)
Tom Brady
Drew Brees
Philip Rivers
Ben Roethlisberger
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan
Russell Wilson

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Better Than Nick Foles, But Not By A Ton (8)
Derek Carr - Still not 100 percent after a back injury.

Kirk Cousins - Way better than any Eagles fan will admit. Here's hoping he signs a lifetime deal somewhere else. Like Venus.

Jared Goff - Pretty impressive Sunday vs. the Eagles. Star on the rise.

Case Keenum - So hot right now.

Marcus Mariota - Shoutout to Chip Kelly

Cam Newton - Maybe the last true dual-threat QB out there. Damn near indestructible.

Dak Prescott - Another tough admission, but when kept upright, he's pretty darn good.

Matthew Stafford - If this guy ever gets a real team around him ... nah, forget it. He makes so much money, he'll never get a team around him.

As Good/Maybe Better Than Foles (3)
Joe Flacco - Hasn't been the same since Anquan Boldin dragged him to a ring five years ago

Alex Smith - Started off white-hot, really lousy of late

Jameis Winston - World of talent around him, still lost to Brett Hundley two weeks ago

Worse Than Nick Foles (13)
Eli Manning - Please don't tell me about his rings. Dude lost his starting gig to Geno Smith. Even if it was the wrong decision, the fact that there was even a conversation about this tells you everything you need to know.

Mitch Trubisky - Starting to figure it out, but seven weeks ago he played an entire game and threw seven passes. Seven.

Blaine Gabbert - Nope.

Jimmy Garoppolo - Not yet.

Jay Cutler - (Giggles)

Tyrod Taylor/Nathan Peterman/Joe Webb - And yet, the Bills would make the playoffs if they began today. Yikes.

TJ Yates - Nnnnope

Bryce Petty - Will make first NFL start Sunday vs. Saints. Look out.

Deshone Kizer - Poor guy.

Andy Dalton - Used to fade in January. Starting earlier every year.

Jacoby Brissett - Never had a chance.

Blake Bortles - Throws 30-plus passes most games. Two 300-yard games this season.

Trevor Siemian - Woof.

So by my math, Nick Foles is about a middle-of-the-road starting NFL QB. What you think that says about Foles or today's NFL is up to you.

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