Eagles Get Super Bowl Champion Can of Soup From Campbell's

Jason Kelce placed the 2017 Eagles in the lore of Philadelphia sports as the "hungry dogs." They may have ran fast and won a Super Bowl last season but that doesn't mean they're satiated.

Enter Campbell's Soup and Acme.

When Birds fans typically think of Campbell's Soup, it's of Donovan McNabb and his loving Mama and their infamous commercials.

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The current team will get some custom cans of their own this season which fans can pick up at local Acmes around the Delaware Valley starting Friday, Aug. 17.

The limited-edition cans are Eagles green and will remind you that the Eagles won Super Bowl LII as you slurp down some chicken noodle soup. They feature the iconic image of the Philadelphia Museum of Art during the championship parade in February.

There is also a sirloin burger variety.

Zach Ertz, who has worked with Campbell's before, is involved and a meet and greet with the Eagles tight end will be one of the prizes you can win.

So next time you have some soup for dinner, make it a Super soup and maybe wash it down with a Super Bowl can of beer.

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