Eagles at Dolphins Live: Highlights and Analysis From NFL Week 13 Game

[CSNPhily] Eagles at Dolphins live: Highlights and analysis from NFL Week 13 game

8:29 a.m.: Good morning, everyone! It's game day!

I arrived to the Miami area on Saturday morning on a flight with a bunch of Eagles fans and there are a ton down here. It's December, so a trip to Miami sounds pretty good for a bunch of people in Philly. 

"I've been told there's a few Eagles fans that are going to be at this game, which will be great," Doug Pederson said last week. "Our fans travel well. Obviously South Florida would be a great destination this time of year for Eagles fans to get out of the cold, much like it was in L.A. a couple years ago.

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"But, yeah, I would expect a nice crowd there for us. This is a great place to play. I haven't been down there in a few years. I'm excited to get back down there."

Now, I doubt it'll be like that Los Angeles trip Pederson was talking about. That was nuts. But there's a chance this game could come kind of close to that. 

I'm sure Eagles fans are here in great numbers and I've seen it just around my hotel in Fort Lauderdale. I'm sure Roob was out on South Beach with a bunch last night. 

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