Eagle Eye/Roob Knows: Eagles Send a Message Getting Golden Tate

On this joint edition of Eagle Eye and Roob Knows, Reuben Frank and Barrett Brooks discuss the Eagles acquiring Golden Tate.

Was the 3rd-round pick too steep a price to pay for the wide receiver? How will he fit into the offense? And the difficult task learning a new offense in the middle of the season.

Also, what message does this send to the team and the rest of the league getting such a player?

1:00 - Was a 3rd-round pick too steep for Golden Tate?
5:00 - How will Tate fit into the offense?
9:30 - This sends a message to the rest of the roster.
12:00 - Is Nelon Agholor in trouble?
16:00 - Challenge Tate faces learning a new offense.
19:30 - Unbelievable Golden Tate stats.
23:30 - Is Golden Tate in the long term plans for the Eagles?

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