Eagle Eye: QB Reps If Carson Wentz Is Medically Cleared

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, Rob Ellis and Barrett Brooks discuss how the QB reps will work if Carson Wentz is cleared medically. The latest on the allegations against LeSean McCoy. What are the biggest question marks facing each team in the NFC East? And despite the Eagles appearing to be the class of the division, why you shouldn't assume it will be an easy ride to a division title.

0:30 - Do you enjoy the hot weather?
2:30 - How will the QB reps work if Wentz is cleared medically?
7:00 - Latest on the LeSean McCoy allegations.
12:00 - Biggest question mark facing each NFC East team.
18:45 - Despite being the favorites, don't assume the Eagles will breeze to a division title.

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