Eagle Eye: Nick Foles Is the Starter Today, Should He Be Week 1?

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss the Eagles' quarterback situation. Nick Foles might be the starter today, but should he be the starter in Week !? Doug Pederson is embracing the target. The Eagles have a lot of new players. How difficult is the transition period for a new player?

"I didn't really enjoy my ring until after I retired." - Barrett Brooks.

2:00 - Doug Pederson on the QB situation.
6:30 - Embracing the target this season. No longer the underdog.
10:30 - Barrett says football isn't fun.
13:00 - How long does it take new players to get used to a new team?
18:30 - Michael Bennett speaks.
21:00 - Andrew Luck is starting to throw a football again.

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