Drew Pearson Got Roger Goodell's Blessing Before Rant at Draft

Drew Pearson took to the stage at the 2017 NFL draft and delivered one of the moments of the event with his pro-Cowboys, anti-Philadelphia rant that saw him showered with boos. As it turns out, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell actually gave Pearson his blessing before it happened.

On Pro Football Talk Live today, Pearson said he ran into Goodell backstage and ran the idea by him before he went to make the selection.

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"I'm thinking he might say, 'Oh, no, don't say anything like that, that might get them too fired up, might cause a riot out there in that crowd,'" Pearson told PFT Live. "But to my surprise, he encouraged me to say that and to get the crowd even more riled up." 

As a bonus, Pearson said the NFL also provided him with added security just in case.

By every account, the city of Philadelphia did itself proud this past weekend as the host of the NFL draft. The reactions to both Goodell and Pearson from those in attendance added to the atmosphere and made the experience what it was. Should the draft return next year, we're looking forward to seeing what will happen with a year under our belts.

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