Doug Pederson's Packers Comparison Puts a Bullseye on His Back

It was one of those remarks that at the time you kind of assume you misheard.

Doug Pederson didn't really just say the 2017 Eagles have more talent than the Super Bowl Packers teams he once played for.

Did he?

By now, everybody has seen or heard Pederson's remark, which he made in a group session with beat writers earlier this summer:

"I look back on my time in Green Bay as a player when we were making those playoff runs, those Super Bowl runs there. And do we have as much talent on this team than we did then? We probably have more talent, right?"

Pederson spent seven years with the Packers either as the No. 2 or No. 3 quarterback- 1996 through 1998 and, after stints starting for the Eagles and Browns, 2001 through 2004. And the Packers reached the playoffs in all seven of those seasons, made two Super Bowls, won seven playoff games, and averaged 11.6 wins per year.

So while Pederson won't come out in public and say what his goals for the 2017 Eagles are - "I'm not one to make bold predictions" - that comment about the Brett Favre Packers and the Carson Wentz Eagles is awfully revealing.

Pederson believes this is a playoff team, a 10- or 11-win team, a team that should be able to not only reach the postseason but also do some damage once it gets there.

Pederson couched his remark with a disclaimer about Wentz staying healthy, about how everything has to "blend" together, and about how talented teams don't always have success and how a lot of factors go into it.

Pederson spoke for about 40 minutes that day and when he was finished and about to leave the room, I double-checked with him to make sure he meant what I had heard … that this year's Eagles team is as talented as the Packers teams that had a Hall of Fame quarterback in Favre, a Hall of Fame defensive end in Reggie White and stars like receiver Antonio Freeman, four-time all-pro safety LeRoy Butler, running back Dorsey Levens, safety Eugene Robinson, pass rusher Sean Jones and so on.

He couldn't have been clearer.

"Yeah, I think we're there," Pederson said. "It's just bringing it all together, though, that's the thing. Bringing it all together."

The Eagles certainly did upgrade their talent level this offseason. At least on paper.

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