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Dak Prescott Caught Up in Autograph Scandal

After a successful rookie season, some said that Dak Prescott was a machine. Today, it's alleged that Dak Prescott used a machine.

According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Prescott has been accused of using a machine to sign autographs. The allegations have gone so far that Beckett Grading Services is not authenticating some of the cards issued by Prescott.

Jeromy Murray, Vice President, Beckett Grading & Authentication Services, addressed the matter with a statement on Beckett's official website.

"We were excited as the first wave of Dak Prescott autographed redemption cards started to come into the office but quickly noticed the autographs didn't match up to what we had seen in the past," Murray said. "We know that autographs are not always going to look the same but these just didn't look right to us so we had our autograph authentication guys (BAS) take a look at the signatures.

"They quickly agreed that these did not look like authentic Dak Prescott signatures. The signatures looked to be from an autopen machine, simply based on the uniformed, non-flowing look we have seen from authentic Dak signatures in the past. We alerted the team at Panini America immediately so they could address it with Dak's representatives and the NFL Players Association."

Prescott becomes the second NFC East Quarterback in hot water this offseason over memorabilia after Eli Manning allegedly knowingly allowed memorabilia to be fraudulently sold as game-used.

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Can you tell the difference? Below, are two cards supposedly signed by hand by Prescott, one of which is not being fully authenticated by Beckett.

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