Check Out Raiders' 2010 Pre-draft Assessment of Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford may be frustrated with the turnout of the 2016 NFL draft, but going No. 1 overall to the Rams in 2010 was certainly an ideal outcome for the Oklahoma quarterback.

And the Rams apparently weren't the only team that ranked Bradford atop their board with 2010 quarterbacks.

A Imgur post appears to show the Oakland Raiders' coaching staff evaluation form that was used for the 2010 draft. The images feature the evaluations of top players like Rob Gronkowski, Demaryius Thomas and Kam Chancellor, among other players.

Bradford's evaluation was included in the documents and the Raiders ranked him as their top quarterback, giving him a No. 2 grade. That indicates he was a future starter, but not a definite star. Sound familiar?

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The current Eagles starter had listed "strong points" including "great rhythm in his body," a "very quick arm" and "makes good decisions and is a respected leader." However, the evaluation says he has a "noticeable lack of footspeed" and limited escapability. It also questions his ability to handle the pressure, citing his performance against Florida in the 2008 National Championship game or against BYU in 2009.

The evaluation, which is listed as filled out by "Hackett" (presumably the Raiders then-quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett), says Bradford is a fit for the Raiders scheme at the time because he was "known for poise under pressure" and his "tremendous accuracy and wonderful anticipation."

Former Eagles backup Tim Tebow is listed as the seventh best quarterback in the draft and was given a sixth round grade despite eventually going in the first round. The Raiders also appear to have accurately rated Riley Cooper as a fifth rounder. The Eagles would select him with the 159th overall pick in that round.

Check out the Imgur post here and more from the 2010 draft. Here is Bradford's evaluation:

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