Carson Wentz Can't Wait to Wear His J.C. Penney Suit Tonight

The poorly dressed draftee on the biggest day of his life up until that point. It's been the staple of drafts for years, albeit less so in recent times with players getting the help of experts.

Carson Wentz wants to look good on his big day this evening, so he did what you'd think he would do based on your knowledge of his Twitter habits, he employed Jay Glazer and J.C. Penney to get him looking fly.

Apparently former New York Giant Michael Strahan actually has his own clothing collection!??! Who knew.

You can watch Carson look at clothing alongside Ezekiel Elliott in the below advertisement that Wentz tweeted out just now.

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If there's one positive takeaway from the J.C. Peneny infomercial it's probably that Wentz's suit tonight will have a green lining. Go Birds!

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