Carson Wentz, Eagles Prepared for Rainy Weather Vs. 49ers

Carson Wentz thought about it but he couldn't really remember the last time he played in a downpour. 

He just knows it's been a long time. 

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That's probably going to change on Sunday. According to NBC10, there's a 90 percent chance of rain on Sunday and "some of the rain could be heavy at times." 

The Eagles had a pretty dry schedule all last season and Wentz played most of his college games in the Fargodome at North Dakota State. He's had a few games in light rain but Sunday against the 49ers might offer something completely different. 

"I think [Wentz will] be fine," head coach Doug Pederson said. "I mean, we've just got to make sure we secure the snap, No. 1. And then ball security on handoffs, things of that nature just becomes a little more point of emphasis.

"He hasn't played in a ton of bad weather games because he played in a dome in college. It doesn't bother him, too. He's lived it. He's had to live in the cold or the snow, the wet, the rain. He should be fine."

The Eagles were definitely aware of the weather forecast this week. The quarterbacks spent a day throwing extremely soaked footballs, something they do whenever there is rain in the upcoming game forecast. It's really the only way to prepare for the impending conditions, although Wentz wanted to make sure he doesn't overthink it too much. 

Pederson said the rain won't necessarily change the Eagles' game plan but it might change the way he calls the game once things start rolling on Sunday. Like Wentz, he didn't want to turn the rain into a distraction. 

"I think if you get on [the field] before the game, you kind of get a feel," running back Wendell Smallwood said. "But there's some things you can't control, man. They have rain gloves now. They will help out a lot. I think you've got to be more focused, handoffs, looking the ball in, tucking the ball in. You have to be strong with the ball. You can get away with that when the ball isn't wet but when it's wet, you see a lot of guys putting two hands on the ball. You just have to do what you're already supposed to be doing better."

As a heavy favorite over the winless 49ers - anywhere from 12.5 to 14 points - the Eagles (6-1) are probably not thrilled to see bad weather in the forecast. It can often be a great equalizer. One of the last times the Eagles were favored by this much was against the Vikings in 2010. You'll remember that as the Joe Webb Game when the unknown quarterback led the Vikings to a win in a rare Tuesday game thanks to a winter storm. 

Anything less than perfect conditions could theoretically help the team that's the big underdog. 

"It don't matter to me if it rains or not," Alshon Jeffery said. "It don't matter to me. I can play in all type of weather."

Jeffery eventually agreed that rainy weather can be an advantage for receivers. After all, at least they know where they're going while the defensive back needs to be reactionary. Still, Wentz will have to get the ball to him and others.  

They're ready for it, but ultimately, there's not much the Eagles can do about the weather. 

"Just pray it doesn't rain," Wentz said. 

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