Brandon Graham on Eagles' Trip West: ‘It's Our Season Right Here'

They've played two winning teams all year, and now they'll play two more in eight days.

It's safe to say that how the Eagles fare on their upcoming two-game West Coast road trip will go a long way toward determining whether they earn home-field advantage or one of two first-round byes in the NFC playoffs.

"It's big," Brandon Graham said. "It's our season right here. This is where we kind of separate ourselves.

"If we're going to get that bye like we want, we've got to go out there and we've got to win."

The Eagles have faced the fewest winning teams of any NFL team. They lost by seven to the Chiefs in Kansas City back in Week 2 and beat the Panthers four weeks later in Charlotte, N.C.

They fly to Seattle Saturday and face the 7-4 Seahawks at 8:30 p.m. EST Sunday at Century Link Field.

They'll fly to Los Angeles after the game and practice in Anaheim all week before facing the 8-3 Rams Sunday at L.A. Coliseum. The Eagles learned Tuesday that the Rams game won't be flexed and will remain at 4:25 p.m. EST Sunday.

Then it's back to Philly after the game, arriving at some point early on the morning of Dec. 11. Then up to the Meadowlands that weekend to finish the three-game road swing against the Giants.

"I think this is just going to be a good test to see where we're at as a team," Rodney McLeod said. "Going on the road for two weeks, it's a different type of road trip. So there'll be a lot of adversity around us and a lot of distractions so it's going to be critical for us as leaders on the team to make sure we're focused and to make sure we're preparing just the same, regardless of the circumstance.

"So I think in that aspect, it's going to test us, but I think we're going to be ready to go out there and just try to prove that we are a legit team and are able to win on the road. Last year, we struggled on the road, and we've done well this year on the road, but it's going to be two good tests playing up in Seattle and then going to L.A. to play the Rams."

This is the first time the Eagles will play consecutive games on the West Coast since 1986, when they lost in Seattle on Nov. 23 and beat the Raiders in Oakland - at L.A. Coliseum - a week later. Head coach Buddy Ryan kept the team in Anaheim that week.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, the Eagles often spent entire weeks away from Philly.
Ryan took the team to Arizona during the bye week before the Fog Bowl in 1988 and to the Falcons' complex in Suwanee, Ga., before a home playoff game against the Rams in 1989.

In 1995, because of bad weather in Philly, the Eagles practiced at Dodger Town in Vero Beach, Fla., for a week between a playoff win over the Lions and a loss in Dallas.

"We're coming up on two good tests, away games, two good opponents, but I think right now we're just trying to keep our head down, keep improving and find out how good we really are," Jason Kelce said.

"You look forward at this point to playing the best teams, especially the best teams in the NFC because it's getting later in the season and we're trying to find out who we really are and establish where we need to get better and where we need to improve."

The Eagles aren't back at the Linc until they face the Raiders on Christmas evening.
The last time the Eagles beat winning teams on the road in consecutive weeks was in 2009 when they beat the Giants and Cowboys back-to-back.

But with real road trips involving air travel, they have never in franchise history beaten winning teams in consecutive weeks on the road.

"The next couple of weeks, we have our work cut out," Carson Wentz said. "We have a couple of West Coast (games) that we're looking forward to, and those are good football teams ahead of us as well. The next three on the road will be a good challenge for us."

The Eagles are 10-1 with a nine-game winning streak and they're 4-1 on the road, with three straight wins. Their last four-game road winning streak came in 2013, and the last time they won five straight away from Philly was a nine-game road winning streak over the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

"It's a good test to see where we're at as a team, that's for sure," Kelce said.

"Right now we've got one loss on our record, it was an away game, and now we've got two away games against two of the best teams in the NFC. This is going to be a good test to see where we're at, to see how we handle it. I'm just looking forward to seeing how our team does."

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