Barwin: Bradford Likely Back ‘sooner Rather Than Later'

Everyone may be thoroughly tired of it, but there's one question enveloping Philly sports right now: When will Sam Bradford be back with the Eagles?

According to one teammate, the Eagles' starting quarterback may not be a long holdout.

Defensive end Connor Barwin spoke about a recent conversation he had with Bradford, first with 94 WIP and then on Comcast SportsNet's Philly Sports Talk. When WIP asked about if he thought Bradford would be back, Barwin said, "From my conversation with him it sounded like he was coming back sooner rather than later."

On PST, Barwin added his two cents on what led to Bradford's absence.

"I don't want to analyze this too much, but ... he was the No. 1 overall pick, then he came here," Barwin said. "He never had somebody be drafted behind him like a lot of us have.

"I've had a first-rounder drafted at my position almost every year and you just get used to it. For him, it was the first time it happened and he was caught off guard, maybe he didn't have those conversations prior with management, so he was surprised."

When speaking with the seemingly jilted quarterback, Barwin emphasized to Bradford that he and his teammates expected the former No. 1 overall pick to be the starting QB.

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"Again, I've had people drafted in the first round behind me. They weren't the No. 2 overall pick, so it is different and we have to be honest about that," Barwin said.

"But it always comes down to how you perform and that's what I said to him. If he plays well, everything will take care of itself."

Hear more of what Barwin had to say on PST in the video above.

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