Are Seahawks Trolling Philly With ‘Rocky' Music at Practice Or Just Being Smart?

It's good to be prepared for any situation.

Maybe Pete Carroll was a Boy Scout and knows the importance of always being prepared because he had his Seattle Seahawks practice this week while the theme from Rocky blasted over speakers.

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This was a divisive thing to see and hear in our NBC Sports Philadelphia news room. Some believed that Rocky is "our thing" and that any attempt to appropriate it will end poorly for an outsider. There is history there. It didn't go so well for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans when they took over the steps at the Art Museum a few seasons ago. More recently, it went poorly for the Timberwolves as well.

Now, the Seahawks are playing Rocky jams at their practice, for whatever reason. Could be some strange mind games. Or maybe they're just preparing for a game at the Linc when a scene from Rocky is shown on the jumbotron and the music is blasted throughout the stadium at every game. Gotta be prepared for that.

Or maybe it's just good music to get pumped up to. I mean, have you seen a Rocky training montage?

So, get angry about it if you want but at least they didn't put a jersey over a statue. Yet.

You can get a glimpse of the Rocky music playing at Seahawks practice below courtesy The News Tribune.

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