Alexa Has the Best Answer to Who Will Win Super Bowl

Guys, a talking computer says it likes the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl!

Can you believe that? And it also has some fun facts to go along with it, like the Eagles are underdogs and riding a hot streak and have a legit defense. How'd it know all this?

Philadelphia Eagles

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Maybe because it heard you singing and cursing every Sunday when the Birds play.

Perhaps the best part of Amazon's Alexa saying it's going with the Eagles? It ends with an E-A-G-L-E-S chant. Try it!

Think this is some geographic thing? Not so fast. According to NBC Philly's John Clark, Alexa will go with the Birds even up if the asker is located in New England.

But don't bother asking Siri who it likes to win the Super Bowl. She's not as bright. Or simply restates who the betting favorite is.

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