10 Things to Love and Hate About the NFL Draft in Philly

The 2017 NFL Draft, which drew 250,000 fans to the parkway, was a great three days for Philadelphia, for the Eagles, and for anyone who loves to boo 66-year-old men who played for the Cowboys in the '70s. It was a horrible three days for... Roger Goodell. 

A look at the best and worst of the NFL Draft on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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Ten Things I Loved: 

- Joe Douglas made great draft picks. 

- Philly was awesome. The most lively crowd in NFL Draft history, by far, and they're even taking about having it here again next year. Even the ESPN guys who hate us felt the need to acknowledge this. 

- If you think that crowd was raucous, just wait until the parade! 

- Carson Wentz ripping the Cowboys hat off the fan's head. Honestly, I'd have been fine if we'd just drafted him again. 

- We booed Roger Goodell every single time he stepped up to the podium, to the point where he had to come out with a succession of human boo shields: Cute little kids, triumphant local high school football teams, soldiers, magic-practicing long snappers and Ron Jaworski. Had the draft gone one more round, I'd have expected Roger to emerge with Mone Davis, the Phillie Phanatic, Jerry Blavet and a life-sized cutout of Buddy Ryan. 

- You're probably wondering, why the Goodell hate? Is there any Philly-specific reason for booing Goodell, something he did to us specifically? If you have to ask, you'll never know. 

- The Eagles got the #2 pick in the Carson Wentz year and not in the Mitch Trubisky year. 

- With the addition of two draft picks (Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson) and the two free agent signings (Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith), the Eagles receiving corps suddenly looks really strong, with a lot of depth in place behind Paul Turner. 

- That one lady put her bare butt on top of the Cowboys uniform. I've said it before, but Philadelphia has the world's greatest women. 

- B-Dawk approves. What more do you need?

Ten Things I Hated: 

- Howie Roseman made awful draft picks. 

- That giant Cowboys helmet on the parkway made it through the weekend intact. I'm SO disappointed. 

- No arrests, the whole three days? Not even for public drunkenness or urination? I feel like I barely know my city anymore. 

- Christian McCaffery took his lunchpail to Carolina. Took me until the middle of Day 2 to get over that one. And no trade-up for Dalvin Cook, either? Really, who among us doesn't have "undisclosed off-the-field concerns?"

- Derek Barnett, it turns out, isn't Fred Barnett's son. And Rasul Douglas, as far as I know, is no relation to Hugh Douglas. 

- The Eagles briefly turned into the Sixers and drafted an injured guy, Sidney Jones, in the second round. Oh, I'm sure every timetable we hear will be dead-accurate and he won't ever suffer a "setback" and we won't be waiting multiple years for him to finally play. 

- There was something about the guy announcing the Eagles' fourth-round pick, Jim Cramer, that was a little bit off to me. Sort of reminds me of that dude who tried to convince us to take Lenny Dykstra's investment advice. 

- Drew Pearson talking trash. You know the only thing I hate more than the Cowboys? Ex-Cowboys players who continue to praise that organization long after they retire. Just sickening. 

- When it came time for the "please don't boo" speech, why Ron Jaworski? A certain other ex-Eagles QB might have given a better one. 

- Jeffrey Lurie said that the Eagles' two new cornerbacks, Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas, remind him of when we drafted both Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard in '02. Which means that Lurie's eventually going to lowball both of them, too. 

Other Philly sports takes: 

- In a recent interview on the WIP Morning Show, Phillies owner John Middleton promised to spend more money, admonished Freddy Galvis for not hustling to first base, ripped the Sixers' "Process" and vowed to bring a trophy back to Philadelphia, whatever it takes. If only he'd commented on a female intern's behind, I'd have thought Angelo Cataldi himself now owned the Phillies. Middleton's the main owner less than a year and he's already way better at pandering than Lurie or Josh Harris ever was. 

- I especially agree with Middleton's Sixers point: the mediocre local baseball team that doesn't spend and is in the middle of a years-long rebuilding project is morally superior to the mediocre local basketball team that doesn't spend and is in the middle of a years-long rebuilding project. 

- In all, I like John Middleton. He's a Philly Guy. He's a lunchpail, blue-collar, billion-dollar cigar heir. 

- That said, I refuse to watch the Phillies until they get Mike Trout, and you should too. It's just a matter of whether they want it enough or not. 

- Good thing the Phillies cut Chris Coghlan in spring training, huh? 

- Do you know why ESPN had to fire 100 people last week? One reason: Persistent anti-Philly bias. Make jokes for all those years about booing Santa Claus, and prepare to deal with the consequences. 

- Howard Eskin's talking about running for mayor? That's ridiculous. It would be like if Ed Rendell tried to be a sports broadcaster. 

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