Eagles to Make Additional Player Personnel Hire: Source

On Wednesday, when Eagles owner Jeff Lurie spoke at his 22-minute press conference, it seemed like senior director of player personnel Tom Donahoe was here for the long haul.

That could still be true, but Donahoe could be joined by an outside presence in the near future.

A league source has told Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn the Eagles will soon be making an additional hire to add to the player personnel department.

It is unknown whether the additional hire will work with Donahoe, answer to him or work above Donahoe in the front office.

Lurie, at Wednesday's press conference in the wake of firing Chip Kelly, said Howie Roseman will remain the vice president of football operations and would oversee all personnel matters. Less than a year ago, Roseman lost a battle for power against former head coach Kelly. Now, he seems to be in an even greater position of power.

During that press conference, Lurie said Donahoe's new position was "a crucial hire and a crucial position in terms of player personnel."

Lurie spoke of a collaboration between Roseman, Donahoe and whomever the team hires as its new head coach. Now, it appears the collaboration will be between Roseman, Donahoe and two people who aren't yet with the organization.

"A new head coach, an executive vice president of football operations and a player personnel head are all partners to collaborate," Lurie said.

The team will not use the term "general manager" going forward, based on what Lurie said. Instead, the power will be split.

All the people who will have the power, however, are still unknown.

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