NBC10 ‘Experts' Pick Birds But Which Bird?

We pick the Eagles despite being bitten so many times before

Despite the Eagles having to cross the entire country -- going the furthest distance they possibly could to play the Seahawks in Seattle -- on a short week and without a slew of starters, our NBC10 experts are sticking with the Eagles this week.

That’s right, 75 percent of our football-picking “Experts” picked the Eagles to win the battle of the birds on Thursday Night Football.

We know that we sound crazy picking the 4-7 Eagles but at 4-7 the Hawks aren’t any better.

“The Eagles win 21-10 because their pride has got to be bruised and because, frankly, the Seahawks stink worse than they do,” said reporter Tim Furlong.

Some of our “Experts” seemed to be surprisingly themselves by picking the Vince Young-led Eagles.

“Believe it or not I see the Eagles winning,” said photojournalist Rich. “The offense should score enough to cover the Birds deficiencies on D. Final score eagles 27-20.”

Sales guy Corey expects the Eagles to bounce back in Seattle.

“I don’t foresee another loss just yet,” he said. “In fact I see a mini win streak happening with the Seahawks followed by the Dolphins the next week. The (Eagles) won’t mathematically be eliminated from the playoffs for another couple of weeks as they finally give LeSean McCoy his necessary amount of touches Thursday night in order to pull this one out in ugly fashion. Eagles 20, Seahawks 17.”

Birds Nest blogger Brian Solomon seems less certain but is still picking the Eagles to win 21-17.

“Assuming McCoy plays, the Eagles are equipped to respond to embarrassment with a win -- although I'm only about 51-percent sure about this.”

Maybe social media guy Lou has the right idea about this game.

“Eagles 27-13 but does anyone still care?”

Well this blogger cares and I actually see the Eagles winning 31-23 -- easily covering the 3-point line.

The Seahawks-picking team is led by sports anchor Vai Sikahema who sees it 28-24 Hawks.

But Birds Nest blogger Drew Magary (who was closest to picking the 38-20 loss to the Patriots last week) possiblysums up best the anti-Eagles pick.

“Why on Earth would anyone pick this team after they experienced total organ failure a week ago? On short rest? In Seattle? No way. These are two lousy, 4-7 teams. But only one of them has gone into full shutdown mode and it ain’t the Seahawks. SEAHAWKS 27, EAGLES 16.”

Do you think the Eagles will fly home from Seattle as the superior birds? Time’s yours.

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