NBC10 ‘Experts’ Pick Eagles Over Skins

Jeremy Maclin TD Reception Vs Redskins
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The Redskins can taste blood in the water this week as the struggling Eagles return to FedEx Field for the first time since Michael Vick put up a Tecmo Super Bowl-like performance in a 59-28 beat down on Monday Night Football.

That game dropped the Skins to 4-5 and set the 6-3 Eagles on their way to a division crown. This time around the Eagles are just 1-4 as they hit D.C. The Skins sit atop the NFC East at 3-1.

But our experts are just 2-3 as a whole entering this divisional showdown after picking the Bills to beat the Birds last week.

This week we are back to picking the Eagles as 75-percent of our experts are picking Philly to win.

The pro-Birds crew is led by reporter Tim Furlong who picks the Eagles to win 21-10.

“I only say this because every dog has his day -- the Eagles have to win one at some point... don't they?”

Tim’s optimism(?) is shared by social media guy Lou who says the Eagles “need to win this one” as they beat the Skins 28-17.

Sports producer Dean was a little clearer as to why he sees the Eagles soaring to a 27-17 victory.

“The Eagles have to win this week right?  A closed door team meeting, rallying behind the head coach… the Redskins can’t keep up.”

Sales guy Corey sees this game as the one where the Eagles finally gel.

“This is the week that the Eagles luck will turn around and they will end up winning a game that is not as close as the final score will show.  The defense will be more consistent tacklers, and we will even win the turnover battle, and the offense will be in control all day.  Look for McCoy to have a big day, 100-plus yards and two TDs.”

The Birds Nest bloggers are split on this one.

Brian Solomon coming off being the closest picker last week sees a close, ugly game.

“17-14 Eagles. Mistakes abound on both sides, but the Eagles eke out a win on a last minute field goal.”

I claimed last week while picking against the Eagles that they would start a long winning streak this week in D.C. so I’ll stick by my guns. I actually see Brent Celek making a rare contribution going all “Captain” in the end zone as the Eagles cruise to a 31-16 victory.

The anti-Eagles pickers are led by Birds Nester Drew Magary who has the Skins winning 31-10.

“You couldn’t pay me to pick the Eagles right now. The only reason to pick the Eagles is because of some magical hunch that they’re “due.” But that glosses over the harsh reality: This team is a shipwreck. They’re poorly coached. They turn the ball over. They’re banged up. They desperately needed a bye week and instead have to go against a good team dying for revenge. All of it is bad.”

The revenge theme was shared by meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz who has Washington winning 27-24.

“Washington wants revenge while the Eagles still can’t stop the run (or tackle) -- offense still sloppy.”

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