Eagles Have No Chance Against Redskins: NBC10 “Experts”

It’s official, our team of football-picking “experts” have given up on the Eagles.

A week after allowing optimism about the Birds last-second win in Tampa Bay, our “experts” picked the Birds to beat the possibly playoff-bound Bengals last week.

We were wrong.

We didn’t make the same mistake this week as all of our experts picked the Redskins to come into the Linc in what could possibly be Andy Reid’s final home game.

“I was back on the bandwagon last week and they got smoked by the Bengals,” said Birds Nest blogger Ryan Wilson. “I’m off again this week, taking my cues from, well, everybody in the solar system. The Redskins have too much to lose while the Eagles are at this point holding extended training camp sessions. Washington, 24-13.”

“One word on this weekend's Eagles-Redskins game: turnovers,” said photojournalist Rich. “The Birds will giveth and the Redskins will taketh away. Washington wins this one going away, 31-17.”

The Eagles will at least have one less turnover-prone player as Bryce Brown steps aside for LeSean McCoy’s return to the lineup. But will it be enough?

“Eagles will fall short despite a strong game back by McCoy. They'll keep it close, but fall short in the end. Eags 17, Skins 24,” predicted sales guy Corey.

As for this blogger, I see a big start from the Skins as Robert Griffin III gets Washington off to a big start so he can relax and ice his knee in the second half. With the game in the bag, the Skins will relax a bit as Nick Foles and company close in but I still expect a 33-24 Washington win.

What do you think, do the Eagles stand a chance?

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