Eagles React to the Great Quake Of 2011

PHI quake eagles locker room

There was an earthquake yesterday! Did you feel it? I felt it. Oh, the land was angry that day, people. Anyway, while the Philadelphia Eagles have built themselves a superteam in the offseason, they did not build their team strong enough to withstand God's wrath, as you can see from the above video from ABC. Look at that light fixture lightly wobble. WE ALL COULD HAVE DIED.

You can see some players in the video looking around going, "Uh... what is that?" Totally the same bewildered face I made. If a tree had hit me during the tremor, I would have just stood there like an idiot not knowing what was going on. Reaction from individual players varied bit. Trent Cole said, "It kinda freaked me out, too. Thought I was getting sick or something."

Newcomer Nnamdi Asomugha pulled the whole "West Coaster who thinks you're a wuss for freaking out during a quake" routine, according to FOX.

Asomugha grew up in California and played for the Oakland Raiders before joining the Eagles. So he told us he's used to dealing with earthquakes. He didn't exactly call the rest of the Eagles wimps, but... he was laughing the whole time as his teammates had a different reaction to the 5.8 quake.

Well excuse me, Nnamdi. Not all of us have $25 million guaranteed and can afford to build a quake-proof home out of vulcanized rubber. Some of us feared for our lives while you fiddled away carelessly.

But the best player reaction to the quake came not from the Eagles, but from Raven Torrey Smith, who was shooting a video for the team when the quake hit. Smith disappears from the camera so quickly it almost looks like a magic trick. There's something reassuring about seeing NFL players, men who are generally richer and bigger and stronger than the rest of us, reacting with the same kind of befuddlement and fear that the rest of us have. It shows us their human side. Although I must say, if never having another earthquake means I don't get a second humanistic glance at NFL players, I'm quite okay with that. That was some scary stuff.

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