NBC10 ‘Experts' Pick the Birds to Beat Rams

The Eagles open their “Dream Team” season on the road in St. Louis and playing in a dome against a team believed to be on the rise doesn’t seem to faze our NBC10 “experts.”

Yes, we here are NBC10 are now in the predicting business.

And in Week 1, nine out of 10 of our predictors see an Eagles victory despite this Rams being the trendy "upset" pick for this matchup.

NBC Philadelphia Sports anchor John Clark sees a high scoring affair that the Eagles win 30-27 because “the Eagles defense is going to need some time to come together.”

While Clark sees the issue being on defense reporter Tim Furlong (a big sports fan) sees an issue on offense. “21-14 Eagles as Vick runs for 90 plus yards because the offensive line gets caught looking shaky.”

Sales guy Corey also thinks the revamped roster could take a while to get on the same page as the Eagles win 20-10. “I expect it to be a closer game then the final score shows.  Eagles will be a bit sloppy and not quite ready for prime time, but still will get the W.”

News desk guy Franco also sees a close game but “in the end, the Eagles slip by the Rams” with a score of 24-20.

Not everyone is as worried. Social media editor Lou sees a 31-10 Eagles win. “The Eagles young linebackers may get run over early and often by Steven Jackson, but the corners are simply too good for (Rams QB) Sam Bradford to be effective in the passing game.”

Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz also sees Bradford having a tough day. “It’s not so easy to pass with those cornerbacks and a good pass rush.” Eagles win 27-17.

As for the Birds Nest Bloggers we are all unanimous of this one being a win. Drew Margary has it at 38-19 Eagles because even if it “seems like a good place to go against the tide and pick St. Louis, but surely I can't get into bed with Merril Hoge's pick,” and Brian Solomon sees it as a 31-21 victory as “Vick and DeSean come roaring out of the gates.”

As for this blogger I see a game similar to Thursday night’s Packers-Saints track meet with Vick, DeSean and Shady McCoy topping Bradford, Amendola and Stephen Jackson -- Eagles win 41-30.

As for the one predictor not to pick the Birds -- I’ll let sports producer Dean explain his choice.

“The Eagles offensive line is in scary shape right now. It won’t be easy for them starting in a loud dome with no experience.  Rams Head Coach  and former Eagles assistant Steve Spagnuolo  will devise a scheme to make Vick run for his life. On offense, The Rams will look to control the clock with running backs Steven Jackson & Cadillac Williams and feed short passes to tight end Lance Kendricks and slot receiver Danny Amendola. If it comes down to the kicking game, I like the Rams Josh Brown over Birds rookie Alex Henery.”

Just a few opinions.

What do you think will happen?

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