Eagles Prez: ‘We're $40M Under the Cap'

Eagles President Joe Banner withstood some tough questions from fans as he took to the airwaves to explain the Eagles off-season so far.

Banner joined 610 WIP's Howard Eskin for about 45 uninterrupted minutes (the interview was presented commercial free) on Wednesday evening.

The issues included the departure of fan-favorite Brian Dawkins, the contract "meetings" with Donovan McNabb, Tra Thomas and the Eagles salary cap room.

The Birds are currently around $40 million under the cap, Banner admitted on air.

He explained away why the Birds really aren't that far under the cap and how he hoped to use some of that extra cash on free agents but so far has come up empty.

Maybe the Birds can use the extra $40 million in the bank to bailout AIG or to buy 40 million large cups of coffee at McDonald's (a favorite of free-agent tackle Jon Runyan).

But, as of now the $40 million remains off the books while fans are being asked to pony up extra cash for tickets next season. That just doesn't seem right.

NBC10's John Clark caught up with Banner after the interview, see what more he had to say below:

Some fans are expressing their current distaste for Banner and the Birds by defacing his Wikipedia page with some distasteful quips, according to the Bleeding Green Nation blog.

For now you can express however you feel apart Banner by leaving your comments below.

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