Eagles Release Full Preseason Tilt Despite Lockout

No football -- no problem?

It seems that the Eagles are going full steam ahead with scheduling despite the uncertainty of their season as the lockout continues to loom of the NFL.

On Tuesday the Birds released their official preseason slate.

"The four-game preseason schedule is not changing," said a league spokesman.

And despite rumors of an 18-game schedule with less preseason games, for now it’s business as usual with four preseason games and 16 regular season contests. The regular season schedule is still set to be 16 games and will be announced in the coming weeks, according to the NFL.

The preseason slate begins with a home game between August 11 and 15 against the Baltimore Ravens. The Birds then play on the road against the Steelers in Pittsburgh (Thursday, August 18), at home against the Cleveland Browns (August 25 to 28) and at the New York Jets (Sept. 1 to 2).

The preseason slate is fairly normal for the Birds but what won’t be normal is if these games get delayed or canceled as the lockout extends into the late summer.

Even though not having to pay for preseason football would be welcomed by many fans, the Birds faithful (and the town of Bethlehem, Pa.) should just hope that the NFL players and owners agree soon on a new CBA so that Training Camp happens as planned and the Birds get back on the field soon.

If no agreement is reached not only will these preseason games be on the chopping block but regular season games could be next.

Stay tuned.

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