New Eagles Uniforms Look Like Old Ones

New Nike uniform doesn't stray far from the look the Birds have taken the field wearing for more than a decade

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The NFL uni watch as a collective was on high alert Tuesday as new Nike "Elite 51" jerseys and uniforms were unveiled for all 32 NFL teams.

In Eagles Nation the new Nike gear didn’t stray far from the previous Reebok design -- no return to Kelly Green or new use of wings on the uniform. No Oregon Ducks -- Nike’s original venture into bizarre uniforms -- look for the Eagles as the gaudiness award went to Oregon-based Nike's nearest NFL neighbor the Seattle Seahawks.

Eagles Green might be getting called Nike Green by some but it pretty much looks the same as it has in recent years, in a photo posted to Twitter by CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

An advertisement featuring Eagles QB Michael Vick (strangely enough in a gallery presented on by competing athletic-wear company Under Armour) in the Nike uni also doesn't reveal much different with the Elite 51 look.

The only noticeable change -- besides the Swoosh on everything -- appears to be slightly more-defined wings on the helmet but that could just be the lighting.

The folks at Nike explained why there were no major changes to the Birds' look:

The Philadelphia Eagles have chosen to stay with their traditional design aesthetic as well as their former uniform fabrication this year. In addition to serving as the Eagles on-field supplier for uniforms, sideline apparel, practice wear and baselayer, Nike will provide both men’s and women’s fan wear apparel. Athletes will now also be able to wear the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 Glove featuring the interlocking team logo on the palms.

As for the look? New glove designs do look pretty cool. When held together the gloves form the Eagles' logo.

And in case you're just dying to get one of these Nike jerseys, prices start at 100 bucks for a game day jersey and go up to $250 for an Elite 51 jersey, according to Rovell.

At least the new Nike unis come with some cool looking socks -- no word on a price on those yet.

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