Who Would You Want?

With one game on the line, which Eagles starting QB of the last 25 years would you most want under center?

I attended a panel discussion last week that got me thinking about how I would answer that question.

Is it Donovan McNabb? Maybe Randall Cunningham or Mr. Right Now Michael Vick?

The panel at the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists’ “Celebrating the History of the Black Quarterback in Philadelphia” took those guys and the other African-American starting Eagles QB of note (Rodney Peete) into account. They wound up split between Randall and Vick -- showing no love for McNabb.

Personally I would take Cunningham but not the one who played for the Eagles but rather the more matured hard-studying Minnesota Vikings MVP-caliber signal caller that came within a missed field goal of playing in the Super Bowl.

But there are bigger questions at hand. How could no one on the panel pick McNabb -- the only QB of the three who actually played in the Super Bowl? Why not No. 5 -- most of the panel including moderator Art Fennell said accuracy, or lack there of it for D-Mac, couldn't be ignored.

What do you think -- with it all on the line would you take Vick, D-Mac or Randall?

And check back for more on how black QBs have evolved in the NFL and on the Eagles during the past few decades.

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