Eagles Win Despite Lingering Problems

Getty Images

So the Eagles beat the Lions 35-32 but there are still issues for the guys in green.

Let's start with Special Teams. The coverage problems still exist on kickoffs, but not as bad as they were in the opener against the Packers.

The defense gave up too much yardage and too many big plays in Detroit. That needs to change if they hope to beat better teams not playing with backup QBs under center.

And the offensive line clearly has to get better.

But in the end the Eagles are 1-1. Starting out 0-2 would have been disaster, as it now is for the Dallas Cowboys. And even the Redskins blew a 17-point lead at home and lost to Houston.

That makes it a good day for Eagles fans even though they still have issues.

Look for Kevin Kolb -- not Michael Vick -- to try lead the way next week in Jacksonville.

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